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Who are we?

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The Team

We are a family run business, located in the beautiful little village of Middleton which is situated between both the Staffordshire and Warwickshire borders.
We have over 25 years of experience with horses and ponies, enabling us to deliver a professional, friendly and unique service directly to you.
We are passionate about making a difference to the lives of others through the work we do and the wide range of services that we offer. From pony parties to therapy work. We are confident that our ponies will bring the missing piece of magic to your special day or event.

We have our own little horse box that brings the ponies safely to your venue. All that we ask is a quiet space with enough room for the ponies to freely move around without and obstruction.

Come rain or shine we have you covered.

Outdoor space isn't a necessity as they are just as happy to be indoors enjoying their time spent alongside everyone.
Don't worry about any potential little accidents they may have either, as they were speical diaper bags that help to stop those embarrassing moments. They also enjoy wearing their special boot's that help them to grip onto a wide variety of surfaces and protect flooring from any hoof prints.

For more information don't be afraid to get into contact with our team here

What We Offer

We offer therapeutic & educational visits to all types of care homes, nursing homes, residential homes, day care centres, hospitals and hospices.

We visit schools, preschools & nurseries and other groups such as girl guides and scout clubs and many many more.

We can come to any special events & occasions that you are celebrating. Pony parties, fetes, fundraising events and weddings or even a surprise visit.

Pony Therapy Sessions

The effects our ponies have on the mood of residents in care settings speaks for itself, bringing joy and happiness, helping to recall past memories and experiences for many of the older generation clients especially We have witnessed the most withdrawn resident light up when a pony walks into a room, it is magical.
Every visit is tailored to the needs of the individuals, the home and service users. The ponies are able to go in communal areas, private rooms and in lifts to upper floors so everyone can benefit from our visit. We treat all we meet with kindness, care compassion, dignity and respect

Therapy & Educational sessions provide:
Sensory Touch - Through grooming and stroking
Physical Growth - By encouraging to reach out, or maybe take that extra step if walking alongside
Emotional Growth - Being kind and gentle, whilst providing a nonjudgmental encounter
Reminiscence and certainly a talking point for many days after your visit

Pony Parties

A party with a real difference, one not easily forgotten that will be talked about all year round by both children and parents! Making dreams a reality and leaving magical memories, creating a unique event to suit the individual’s requirements Our ponies can come to your venue, all we need is adequate space for the ponies to be able to move around freely without any obstruction and to be a quiet area.

Our Educational Benefits

  • Children with no exposure to animals or nature in their home environment can see, feel, touch and make connections to the wide world of animals.

  • Instills a sense of responsibility and respect for life.

  • The ponies bring increased sensitivity and awareness of the feelings and needs of others - both animals and humans.

  • Children learn that all living things need more than just food and water for survival.

  • Children will see directly how their behaviour affect others.

  • Children show that the presence of animals tends to lesson the tension in the classroom.

  • Children will approach learning subjects with a new enthusiasm and interest


Make your day extra special with our miniature ponies for your wedding or special event.
Our unique ponies can be tastefully decorated in flowers, diamante’s, crystals or tuxedos, all to match the colour theme of your choice. They are certain to put a smile on your guests face and children will be enchanted by them.

Our ponies can be the ring bearer, walk you down the aisle, greet your guests at the reception, keep the bridesmaids and pageboys entertained and of course look stunning on your photographs.
Our ponies can also wear our specially made baskets to hold your confetti in to give out to guests or even carry the champagne for the drink’s reception. They do make the occasion extra special and prove to be a brilliant talking point for all the friends and family.

A pony is a childhood dream. A horse is an adulthood treasure.

~ R. Carroll

Meet The Ponies


Black Beauty

Age: 10 years old
Colour: Black
Height 32 inches
Birthday: 27/04/13
Favourite Colour: Pink & Blue
Favourite Treat: Carrots


The Princess

Age: 7 years old
Colour: Grey & White Dun
Height 31 inches
Birthday: 02/05/16
Favourite Colour: Purple
Favourite Treat: Apples


The Teddy Bear

Age: 4 years old
Colour: Buckskin
Height 33 inches
Birthday: 26/03/19
Favourite Colour: Yellow
Favourite Treat: Polos


The Unicorn

Age: 4 years old
Colour: Palomino
Height 31 inches
Birthday: 07/05/19
Favourite Colour: Red
Favourite Treat: Suger Cubes

Our Ponies

All girls love having cuddles and being made a real fuss of and being the centre of attention.

Every girl loves to be pampered, and we do too. So dressing up, plaiting our manes and tails, putting on our special sparkle hooves paint and a million bows in our hair is like our spa day.

And for you boys our there to we love a good fancy dress outfit. Who doesn't want to be a super hero for the day? Or even better a cowboy and his horse.

Bella, Pippa and Missy are all miniature Shetland ponies. They live and play together in their little home at Middleton. Our girls are highly intelligent, cheeky, yet loving and spirited horses.

Shetland ponies are one of the smallest horse breeds. Despite their size, they are strong and resilient, allowing them to support enormous weights in proportion to themselves - sometimes even twice their weight.
Shetland ponies originated as far back as the Bronze Age, from the Shetland Islands, 200 miles north of Scotland. They can withstand the harsh conditions of the isles, carrying out farm work, and pulling carts of peat and coal from work in mines. Today however, shetlands are popular with children’s riding and driving. Children can admire their beautiful colours including black, chestnut, bay, grey, palatine, dun, roan, cremello, skewbald and piebald.
Whilst entertaining people of all ages, our shetlands are used for therapy work to aid with rehabilitation, alongside providing comfort to those in need.

Shetlands can live up to 30 years so we hope our girls will be around to provide you with happy times for much longer. With their long thick mains, tails and thick double winter coats, our girls will wrap you around their little hooves, stealing your heart forever.

It's all rainbows and ponies

Charity & Fund Raising

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Due to the current situation we are now charging a fuel charge... The first 8 miles are free, £1 per mile after.

All party prices are based on 8 children per party. Additional guests charged at £8 per person

Care Home Visits
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  • 1 / 1.5 / 2 Hour sessions

  • £150 / £200 / £245 Session Costs

  • Please note prices are for one pony

  • An extra pony £60 per session

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Pony Parties
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  • 1 / 1.5 / 2 Hour sessions

  • £150 / £200 / £245 Session Costs

  • Please note prices are for one pony

  • An extra pony £60 per visit

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Door Visit / Meet & Greet
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  • 20 / 30 / 40 Minute sessions

  • £60 / £75 / £90 Session Costs

  • Please note prices are for one pony

  • An extra pony £60 per visit

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We also offer Educational Visits

Suitable for Schools, Preschool, Nurseries & Playgroups

Due to their very small size our ponies are perfect for helping young children explore and develop key life skills such as:

  • Teamwork

  • Leadership

  • Confidence

  • Communication

  • Problem Solving

  • Understanding & Managing Emotions

  • Self Awareness

  • Empathy & Caring for Others

Our ponies are wonderful resources for teachers to make learning fun on all subjects

Other Benefits

There is actual scientific evidence that animals in the learning environment can help students feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Special Needs

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Those with special needs or who attend special educational schools may particularly benefit from the pony visit as it can help them feel calmer and more confident as they learn, and reduce behavioural problems. Children may feel more motivated and animated to learn, particularly about subjects related to: animals, science, and the environment; as the pony is a real-life example of what they are learning.
The ponies also often help to draw socially withdrawn or anxious individuals out of their shells, as they can easily connect with an animal and use it as a basis for connection and conversation with others.
During these visits children are guided by a member of our team, however the ponies are the real teachers. Through their body language they give children immediate responses and feedback to those taking part, giving them a better understanding of the effect of their actions.
Visits are tailored to age appropriate learning. All will a get chance to interact by grooming and fussing the pony, learning some interesting facts about ponies, and have a turn walking with them, as well as time for pictures.
Sessions last around 45 minutes, and our ponies need a 15 min break between sessions.

For pricing please get in touch for further information

We Provide Equine Therapy

Scientific studies have shown that there are many positive effects of human-animal interaction.
The presence of animals has a multitude of benefits for both children and seniors.
Studies have proven that animal-human interaction and pet therapy can improve a person’s social, emotional, and physical health.

Some of the benefits of animal-assisted activities include:

  • Reduces blood pressure

  • Lowers anxiety and stress levels

  • Stimulates the release of endorphins, which help people feel good - especially important for people who are feeling depressed or isolated

  • Encourages exercise, and movement to help increase muscle strength, joint mobility, balance and coordination

  • Increases a sense of community

  • Shortens recovery time

  • Stronger connections to the physical world and to other people

  • Greater self-confidence and trust

  • Leads to more independence & fulfilling lives

  • Improved communication, social and perceptual skills

  • Stimulates memory and sharing

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Why Horses?

  • Horses are sensitive and intuitive.

  • Horses mirror human emotions.

  • There is a powerful connection between horses and humans.

  • Horses offer non-judgemental affection.

  • Horses allow people to relax by providing acceptance and allowing for give and take, which also builds confidence and focus.

  • Small ponies and miniature horses, because of there smaller size, provide a non-threatening therapy experience especially for children, seniors and those in wheelchairs.

It has been proven that touch is a very important aspect in the nourishment of the human mind.
Animals bring warmth and contentment into a place (like hospitals) where ordinarily tough is invasive or not pleasant.
Equine therapy has proven to be a powerful antidote to the feelings of loneliness, dependency, and isolation often experienced by individuals who are unable to live their own homes or with family members.
Not only does petting an animal reduce your heart rate and blood pressure, it also encourages socialisation.
In the presence of our ponies, even patients suffering with dementia tend to be less withdrawn and more in touch with their feelings.
There is more laughter and interaction among residents and staff when animals are present, and often family members also come to visit on a pet therapy day.

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Our therapy ponies are available for personal visits or therapy sessions at hospitals, assisted living centres, schools, daycare centres, private in-home visits and anywhere else they can bring a smile to someone’s face and brighten their day.
It is inspiring to watch the magical emotional connections and comforting effects our ponies have on everyone, young or old.
They light up the room when they enter, and leave an unforgettable impression on people’s hearts and souls long after they have gone.
They have bought many tears of joy and happiness to the friends they visit, and to the people that witness the healing and life touching effect they have as angel therapy ponies.

Our ponies are specifically trained for this activity.
They have natural incredibly sweet, kind and gentle demeanours.
They are calm and professional in every environment inside and out.
They comfortably ride in elevators and can go up and down a few stairs to different levels, and can comfortably work around medical equipment, cords, wheelchairs, walkers, beds and extremely fragile children and seniors.
They are toilet trained but in case of any embarrassing moments our ponies wear special diaper bags to catch and unexpected accidents, and have special little shoes to wear to help grip on a variety of surfaces and prevent and little hoof marks left on floorings , so when we leave we make sure it is as pristine as when we arrived.

In a typical visit, our specially trained ponies are led from room to room, and residents are able to interact with the ponies by petting, cuddling them or simply observing these gentle creatures, which look like giant stuffed animals that have come to life.
For those that are more mobile it is possible to go for a little walk down the corridor with our ponies to give them legs a little stretch, great motivation for those in rehabilitation to get up and moving again.
Participating in these visits is one of the most rewarding aspects in our work.

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Additional Benefits:

When it comes to children’s hospitals, what child has never wanted to be a cowboy or cowgirl, or meet a real life Unicorn?
Most little girls dreams is having a pony, and the small size of the ponies makes them easy to hug without being intimidating.
Most people of age to be in nursing homes and assisted living facilities right now have, at some point in their lives relied on horses.
People in their 70’s, 80’s and 90’s have used horses to do work ploughing fields or delivering the milk.
Many have ridden horses as a means of transportation, or used the old horse and cart.
Many of these have relied on horses at some point on their lives, seeing them as a fond memory and relate them to feelings of freedom and strength.
The touch, the smell, their fingers in the horses mane all conjure up emotions, memories of youth, and ultimately, a great story from the past!

The success that we’ve had with our clients is consistent with a growing body of evidence that equine assisted therapy can be highly effective treatment option for many individuals with physical impairments or developmental disabilities.
According to the institute of Equestrian Therapy, “Major improvements have been observed with cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autistic, emotionally disturbed, learning disabled, stroke, and accident victims.”

If you are an Activities Director or other healthcare professional and would like to talk to us about a visit or more information please get in contact, we look forward to assisting any queries you may have

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